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Note to self,

I bought this car to seek out

Outdoor activities are great for
me and the family.

The only way i am going to learn
how my vehicle works is to go
out on this type of adventure.

I need a break.
Every year we work on our club calendar. We try as much as possible to fill the calendar with at least one event or outing in a month.

There are 3 types of activities.
Outings: These are usually camping or outdoor driving activities. We book a trail on behalf of the club and then drive it in convoy.

Point Events: These are competitions (4 a year) where we setup an obstical course and measure your performance over the obsticals.

Social Outings: In order to go camping with people, its best to know them first, and what better than a nice evening out with members and the committee.

Check out our 2016 Calendar